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Relationships are  Tough... 

Happy couple, Wheaton, IL Counseling
How do I make this relationship work?
Man questioning, Wheaton, IL Counseling
​What does it mean to be
a man?
Committed father, Wheaton, IL Counseling
​What does it take to be
a committed father?
Men and Relationships

Our society does not teach men to do relationships well.  Traditionally, men are taught to find their value in doing tasks, producing products, solving problems and providing for others.  Sadly, many men miss out on learning how to listen, empathize and connect emotionally.  In an intimate relationship, they tend to respond to challenges and conflict in ways that create distance, hurt feelings, misunderstandings and relationship injuries. 

Men's Issues

     John Goll Counseling helps men:

  • Understand how they sabotage their relationships

  • See how they unconsciously keep themselves from what they most want

  • Understand and manage emotions, and be emotionally available

  • Regain meaning, purpose, personal power and direction 

  • Become the man they can be proud of


Counseling Services
  • Men’s counseling

  • Online Counseling (aka Telebehavioral Health or "TBH")


We help men be the best men they can be, and help them repair, renew and rebuild their relationships.


If you have questions, please call or e-mail.  When you are ready, use the  “Schedule Appointment” button at the top or bottom of any page to select and set up a time that works for you.


"It's not easy to be a man.  Want to know the secret?  
Don't try to 'tough it out' on your own."
Hi, I'm John.  How can I be of service?

I am a professional counselor and I specialize in working with men.

I serve by helping men find and live from the best in themselves as men, and from there, help them create the satisfying and connected relationships they most desire.

Please take a few minutes to explore this website.  If you have questions or want more information, please call or e-mail me. 


If you would like to schedule an appointment, you can use the on-line scheduling tool at the top of any page to see my available times and select the best one for you, without having to play telephone tag. 


I look forward to talking with you.

What Others Are Saying:

John's Clients -


“I just wanted to thank John for his support and guidance. I have definitely grown and have become more self-aware with his help. The lessons I have learned are invaluable. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.” - L.A.

“We are very appreciative of all John's encouragement and help. Hopefully (we) will continue on with the knowledge he's have given us.” – S. & J.K.

John's Colleagues -


"John is a gifted facilitator, with a great balance of counseling skill and intuitive gifts to lead the client to deeper insight, clear focus and effective actions. He is a model of personal and professional integrity." – P.L., Independent Professional Addiction Counselor and Recovery Coach

“John is a gifted clinician who works effectively with couples, individuals and groups. He consistently employs a keen understanding of relationship dynamics and approaches his work with patience, insight, integrity and genuine respect for his clients.” – C.H., Therapist

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