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August 30, 2018

This video moved me to tears multiple times bringing sadness, joy, challenge and inspiration.  When I saw it I immediately sent it to my closest family and - something I virtually never do - because it feels that important.  In many ways it distills much of the work I...

October 7, 2015

A roller coaster ride is a fully absorbing experience!  All our attention is focused on the precipitous drop ahead, the gathering speed, the sense of no control and not knowing what is coming next.  That makes for a fun and exhilarating carnival ride, but it sure is a...

July 22, 2015

The Lie:                               

A man who is angry is showing strength.

“Stand up and fight like a man!”  “Don’t let...

July 2, 2015

The Lie:       A man does not bother with emotions.  At best, emotions are useless and at worst they get in the way of solving problems and getting things done. 


June 16, 2015

This 3-minute video never fails to move me.  Take a moment to get a glimpse of how and why our work with men is so important.

Northern Illinois Men’s Counseling stands ready to coach, support, guide and challenge men to be the best they can be.  Call, text or e-mail if...

June 1, 2015

The Lie:        A man handles his problems by himself.  Asking for help or relying on others is weakness.


“Man up!”  “Grow a pair and do what you have to do!”  “Just do it!”  The o...

May 19, 2015

 The Lie:   A man must always be strong, never weak.  He must not even appear weak.  If he does, he is less than a man.

You are weak” is one of the greatest curses a man or boy can hear.  Boys are constantly bombarded with images of what men are and are not e...

August 14, 2014

Like many people, the news of Robin Williams’ suicide hit me hard.  He and I are nearly the same age.  I have loved his hilarious comedy as well as his powerful dramatic presence.  It is so hard to believe he is gone – and in such a painful way. 

A favo...

August 4, 2014

I can’t help but look around today and see that much of our world seems to be awash in uncertainty, embroiled in endless conflict, and struggling to make sense of turmoil of all kinds.  It seems that there have been few times in recent memory when there was more anxi...

July 23, 2014

In Gone with the Wind, Rhett Butler makes this provocative statement to Scarlett as he scolds her about her need to grow up and pay attention to what a real relationship is about – like the one he wanted to have with her! 

And what a powerful statement it is!  It seem...

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What can Robin Williams teach us?

August 14, 2014

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