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Still have questions?  Interested in more information?  Please feel free to call, send an email*, or simply fill out the form below** on this page.  Please note that John is no longer accepting new clients.

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John Goll, LMFT

Tel: (630) 909-9605 



*  **  A Note About Email Security and Privacy: 


Email, including the use of the form above, is an easy and convenient method of communication.  However, you should know that email correspondence is not confidential.

You are welcome to communicate with John via e-mail, but because the privacy of e-mail communications is uncertain, it is strongly recommended that e-mail communications be limited to procedural or logistical information and questions.

If you prefer, you may leave a confidential voice mail message at (630) 909-9605.  The privacy of telephone messages is much more assured.  John will normally return your call within 24 hours or on Monday for messages left over a weekend.

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