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Online Counseling (TBH):

Convenient and Confidential

Telebehavioral Health (TBH) 


With the increasing availability of secure, free and HIPAA-compliant technology, it is now possible to offer confidential on-line video and/or audio counseling and psychotherapy.  Various terms like “telebehavioral health” (“TBH”), "telehealth", and "distance therapy" are sometimes used to name this service.


While TBH is not appropriate for every client or situation, a vast majority of issues and concerns that clients bring to counseling can be very effectively treated through this medium.  The obvious advantage is that it allows a private and confidential video conference without the inconvenience and potential exposure of coming to an office.

For these reasons, I exclusively provide online counseling services.

Your Responsibility


An important difference in online counseling is that the responsibility for privacy and security of our conversation is one that the client and the therapist share.   I can only control what happens on my end of the conversation.  The responsibility to ensure privacy on your end is up to you.


There are certain other limitations and risks with using TBH that are described in the TBH Policies and Consent form that you can access through the secure Client Portal provided by the Simple Practice platform. 

Simple Practice Telehealth Platform

The system I use to manage my online practice and provide TBH counseling is called Simple Practice.  I selected Simple Practice because they are a leader in the industry offering an all-inclusive and HIPAA-compliant client experience that manages everything from our video conferencing, to client scheduling, to payment management, to a secure system for exchanging messages and documents.  



Scheduling sessions is done through the Simple Practice scheduling system which can be found by using the "Schedule Appointment" button at the top or bottom of any page on this website.  The system will allow you to see available appointment times and select what works best for you. 



TBH sessions conducted through Simple Practice are encrypted and secured to HIPAA standards.  Complete privacy and security however, is a shared responsibility between the client and the therapist.


Questions? or Ready to Take the Next Step...


If you are ready to schedule an appointment, please call me at 630-909-9605 or email me at to request an appointment.




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