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Counseling Services

Whether he asks for it or not, there are times for every man when he needs a coach, a mentor, or just clear and honest feedback.  


John Goll Counseling helps with:

  • Communication Problems

  • Anger, Frustration and Avoidance

  • Affairs and Infidelity

  • Isolation and Retreat

One of the obstacles that may keep you from asking for help is the mistaken notion that to be a “real man” you must be able to handle your problems on your own.  


None of us were ever intended to face our issues or challenges alone.  To seek counsel and support is a sure sign of wisdom, courage and strength.


With the vast improvements in secure and HIPAA-compliant video conferencing, online counseling (also referred to as Telebehavioral Health or TBH) is a reliably convenient, confidential and effective form of counseling for both individuals and couples.

John Goll Counseling offers TBH services through a secure platform called Simple Practice.

For most clients who have an internet connection, a camera/web cam and a private location free of interruptions, TBH is an effective and popular option for counseling.

Praise for John Goll  Counseling:

"John brings a unique service to our community."

 "He offers a practical and empathic understanding of the male perspective, not only in society in general, but also in the workings of a man's relationships.  We are lucky to have him as a resource." 


                                          - R.H.M, LPC

"I have referred many clients to him and feel confident they are in good hands."


"It's hard to find a therapist comfortable and skilled in working with men and their emotions.  John fills a growing need for men to find a safe therapeutic setting to explore the connection between their emotions and behaviors."                 

                                - R.C., MSW, LCSW

"John is a skilled therapist with a wonderful, warm manner."

"His sensitivity and knowledge of men's struggles and how they impact relationships makes him a wonderful advocate for them and the partners that they love."

                                            - A. L., LPC

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