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It is no surprise that many relationships end because of affairs.  But not all of them.  In fact, in most cases, both partners want to find a way to repair the relationship but they don’t know how.


Repairing a wounded relationship is possible. 

It is not easy or fast, but it is possible. 

With years of experience and extensive training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT), we have been able to help many couples recover, rebuild and move forward with more security, confidence and hope than they ever thought possible.


Anger is a natural emotion that can be either positive or destructive.

Negative expressions of anger at the least push away those who are close to us, and at the worst hurt the people and things that are most important to us.  

For many, especially men, anger is the “go to” emotion that serves to cover or avoid feeling vulnerable emotions like fear, grief, guilt or uncertainty.

Just changing behavior – the way you talk or act – is not enough to change patterns of anger.


We work to heal and manage the deeper core feelings that drive angry expressions.


It happens to nearly every couple.

One of you complains, criticizes, goes quiet or has "look" or a "tone."

The other defends, explains, avoids or even gets angry.  It leaves you both frustrated and unable to solve the original problem.

It happens over and over.  You could probably write the script of the next one.

Left unchecked, the cycle of conflict can undermine the emotional foundation of your relationship.

We help couples slow down and manage the cycle, allowing them to solve problems together and feel united in the process.

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